December 6, 2017

Messenger platform updates (Facebook)

Messenger platform updates

Since 2016 businesses have steadily incorporated chatbot technology into their customer relations efforts.  Most chatbots are developed on the Messenger platform.  As a result, Facebook Messenger launched updates that will facilitate ease of customer interactions for developers and businesses.

This is great news, as it will allow Marvin GPP to deliver exceptional quality applications that will suit individual needs of your business.  Innovation and digitally scaling your business will be easily accessible and affordable.

Customer Chat Plugin

The marketing trend in 2017, and one that will surely continue in 2018 and beyond is customer engagement.  Businesses need to go beyond newsletters, emails and text messages to interact with their customer in a meaningful way.  Hence, the rising popularity of chatbots.  Chatbots allow companies to fully engage and interact with customers 24/7 and can provide valuable content, facilitate purchases and connect with existing and new customers.

With the release of Messenger’s Customer Chat Plugin, we at Marvin GPP can easily create the technology that allows people to chat with your business via your websites in Messenger.  The potential and existing customer can interact with your business via their web, mobile or tablet.  The new available plugins make switching from the web to Messenger seamless and will maintain the conversation history and context.  This will enable almost life-like chat scenarios with your business.

Further improvements

With Messenger releasing a number of new and improved API’s, the developers at Marvin GPP can allow your business to improve engagement marketing by implementing the following:

  • Media template – business can attach a Call To Action (CTA) button when sharing videos, gifs or images.
  • Broadcast API – this will allow business to send multiple messages should they have a subscription permission.
  • Page-level feedback – business will be able to view user’s feedback about their Messenger experience.
  • Built-in NLP – since July 2017, the existing plugin can automatically detect the language used, the languages available have been extended to include Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

These updates and plug-ins will result in amazing engagement apps for your business. We at Marvin GPP can help you find the most effective way to make use of these technologies to better engage with your customers.

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