August 27, 2017

Messenger code vs QR


Messenger code vs QR a cost comparison:

Let us imagine this hypothetical situation. You are at an event. To be able to access additional features and giveaways of that event you need to scan a QR code on the ticket. Snap! You don’t have a QR code scanner. What do you do? You go to your app platform and look for a QR code scanner. Which one do you choose? Makes no difference, however all this comes at a cost. Not necessarily the data cost (in MB which should also be considered), but the cost of not getting what you need instantly.

Let’s have a look at this from an advertiser’s point of view. Again, you are at the same event and, your ad is supposed to play on the screen for a very limited period of time. You want to give potential customers additional information by redirecting them to a landing page or something of sorts. How do you do it? Of course there are a few ways to do this, like a catchy ad or an easy to remember domain name. You could also display a QR code … and Snap! Some of your target audience does not have a QR reading app installed.

In both cases, chances are that the person who is willing to get the additional information does have one of the two most used messenger apps in the world:  WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. Unfortunately WhatsApp does not have the functionality we are looking for, however Facebook messenger …

Advantages Facebook messenger code vs QR:

If you didn’t know this yet, Facebook messenger has a built in feature that allows you to scan a Facebook generated code. Scanning that code starts a conversation with the person or page that created that code. The name: Messenger code.

If you are like the vast majority of people you most probably have Facebook messenger installed on your smartphone.  By simply opening an application you already have installed and use quite often on a daily basis, you can scan the provided code and get the additional information you are looking for. The information can be provided in form of a link, image or … wait for it … interaction with a facebook chatbot.

Problem with facebook messenger code:

Problem with the facebook messenger code is that it is not advertised and promoted enough by facebook. Having someone scan a code to get additional information is nothing new or innovative, however in most of the cases it requires an app that you barely use. It is surprising little attention is being offered to the possibilities the messenger code scan offers. So if someone from facebook is reading this: PLEASE PUSH IT MORE!

Messenger code and chatbots:

To take this to the next level, one could easily integrate a basic chatbot to interact with the person that scanned the messenger code. To keep it short, it would not only offer additional information, it would offer it in a dialogue format. Dialogue is the most appealing format for humans to consume information. Read more about all the advantages chatbots can offer here.



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