July 15, 2017

Chatbots in Guerrilla Marketing


Chatbots in Guerrilla Marketing Opportunities

Does your business have a Facebook page? If so, how often do you receive private messages? How many followers do you have? How many times did you notice people inquire about a certain aspect or product of your business via the facebook messenger rather than using the email or giving you a call? ­­­

As it is, social media for small businesses can be classified as a Guerilla Marketing technique. The reason behind this being that you need little investments to reach a rather large audience.

Implementing a chatbot for your facebook page can really help you take your Guerilla Marketing to a whole new level. Why so? Well, there are multiple reasons:

  1. If you are a small or medium business owner, chances are that you, or your employees, are managing your Facebook page as an add-on job. You can’t always be there to answer the questions you receive from your customers instantly. Implementing a chatbot could allow you to automate your FQA’s.
  1. A chatbot can follow-up a discussion. Suppose you have this new product or service in your store that you want to let your customers know about. Sure you make a new post and users receive notifications, however, is that the most efficient way? With a chatbot you can automate it to market directly via a chat to your users, assuming they opt in for this option of course. Furthermore, after a quick analysis of habits, you can target messages to the proper users, sell option A to people that prefer option A.
  1. Usage of the Messenger app has surpassed the usage of the social media. There is no denying that it is rather hard to separate the two, especially when we are talking about the Facebook messenger. However, the general tendency is for people to check their messenger more often than they check their social media. How does this benefit you? Well if you implement a chatbot to inform your customers about something, you get a higher visibility.

In the upper three points, we have shown how a chatbot can be used in guerrilla marketing to interact and strengthen relations with your existing customers. But one target a marketing campaign should have, and especially if it is a guerrilla marketing campaign, is to acquire new customers.

A cool Chatbot will help you acquire new customers:

Sometimes to get new business you do not have to produce something directly related to the business. It can be something tangent to it. Deploying a cool Chatbot as a guerilla marketing technique can help you acquire new customers that initially are using your Chatbot not because they want to do business with you; they use it simply because it is cool. The trick is to develop and implement a Chatbot that does something useful for the audience which yet might be interested in what your business has to offer, and your end goal is for that chatbot to go viral, either in your local community or on an international level.

The right type of Chabot for this guerilla marketing approach really depends on the type of business. To give a quick example – suppose you are selling ponchos, umbrellas and other rain equipment. Now, why don’t you create a chatbot that tells the weather forecast? People could start using your chatbot to get the weather forecast, not because they really want to buy the umbrellas you sell. Next step, when there is bad weather forecasted, suggest your chatbot users to buy an umbrella. Where can they find one? Well … at your store.

That is a pretty basic example, you obviously need some research before, and to make sure you develop the right kind of Chabot for this guerrilla marketing purpose. To make it easier, it is advisable that you take consultancy from agencies that specialize in this (we can offer it). Your end goal is for your cool chatbot to become viral!

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