June 26, 2017

Chatbot Summit Berlin 2017


The Chatbot Summit took place on the 26th of June 2017 at the Estrel Hotel Berlin, the Silicon Valley of Europe.

As a company involved in chatbot development for small and medium enterprises, being aware of all the developments in the chabot industry is a must! We were pleasantly surprised by the huge amount of enthusiasts for chatbots present. The event managed to gather more than 1500 participants.

The Summit was organized at the highest standard one would expect and, the speakers greatly tackled multiple sides of the Chabot industry.  To be able to accommodate such a large number of speakers and panels in one single day, there were three stages, each of them with a generic name with regards to the general topic: The Center Stage, Product & UX Stage, Dev & AI Stage. As an attendee, using the Whova App to coordinate your agenda, it was very easy to move from one stage to another in order to attend the session of interest. The app also allowed for another way to network, for those of us who are a bit on the shy side when it comes to “face to face” interactions (that is why we need chatbots ).

The general mood of the event was full of optimism in the future of chatbots, regardless if you are a developer, a big enterprise or a small and medium business looking to use a chatbot to aid your digital strategy.

There was a multitude of topics that were discussed during panels or presented, to name just a few:

  • What’s Driving the Next Digital Revolution and What You Must Do To Get Onboard?
  • Media Disrupt: The Future of Media Companies in the Messaging Era
  • The Ethical Beliefs of Machines
  • Get the Conversation Started – How Messaging Can Help Drive Business Outcomes
  • Building a Chatbot – Five Takeaways on Conversational UX
  • Building Enterprise Bots. A Strategic Channel or Gimmick?
  • etc. etc. etc

All of the talks were very informative, and we will try to report on each one of them that we attended. The first in the series will be the Keynote by Prof. Justine Cassell: “Winning Friends and Influencing People with Bots”, which in our opinion really gave us a very good and clear look into the future on how the emotional contact between humans and bots can be built.

It is interesting is that the companies that were sponsors of this event have a market value of 1.4 trillion dollars. The takeaway from this number is that big companies see more and more potential in chatbots as they become more and more inclusive rather than exclusive, and the big sponsors are aware of this. Brands today concentrate their digital strategies on apps; this will change, as slowly chatbots will become the center of a brands digital strategy.


Last but not least congratulations to the StartUp competition winners: Hutoma!


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