Chatbot Human Testers


Chatbot Human Testers:

One of the most important test for any software is how it really behaves in simulated real world situations. Chatbots are no different, for a Chatbot to work as intended, a series of tests are necessary. Besides the automatic tests, we at Marvin GPP are ready to take on the challenge and provide you ample reports using our chatbot human testers.

Our highly targeted closed focus groups will identify as many unexpected inputs and outputs as possible. There is no magic behind this, what we will do is try your Chatbot, break it, record results then iterate. Combining slightly different wording or phrases to make sure your Chatbot covers a wide range of user inputs. Come with conclusions and reports based on our findings.

Multilingual Human Chatbot Testing:

Having an international team, allows us to provide chatbot testing services in multiple languages. This is very important for companies that want to deploy chatbots that will interact with customers internationally. Our team has experience in translation and localization projects for a variety of industries. Furthermore our experience shows that even if two countries speak the same language, there are certain country and region specific words and phrases that are being used. Our multilingual human chatbot testers will control for as many variables as possible, helping your chatbot to have a truly multilingual conversation.

Humans are Important:

When testing a chatbot you generally employ some test automations, which will help you with some functional testing. Testing a chatbot’s conversational logic against real humans is something that cannot be done with automation, you need humans for this. Testing against real humans is an important step in delivering good user experience to your audience, the humans.

We use humans to tests your chatbot interaction with humans!

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