Messenger platform updates (Facebook)

Messenger platform updates Since 2016 businesses have steadily incorporated chatbot technology into their customer relations efforts.  Most chatbots are developed on the Messenger platform.  As a result, Facebook Messenger launched updates that will facilitate ease of customer interactions for developers and businesses. This is great news, as it will allow Marvin GPP to deliver exceptional […]

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Three Steps for a Designing a Successful Chatbot

Three Steps for a Designing Successful Chatbot Chatbot technology is not new, but since 2016 the technology has moved into the forefront of innovation for many companies.  Many people have heard about Chatbots, but not many know what Chatbots entail or how they can benefit businesses.  The operation of a Chatbot is simple and easy […]

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Disruptive Technology Chatbots Restaurants – Part 2

Chatbots distruptive technology restaurants

Chatbots disruptive technology in a business model In our last post we showed how simply implementing disruptive technology in a business model is not enough to get most benefits out of it. There has to happen a change in processes to really get the competitive advantage.  As with any disruptive technology, implementing chatbots also require […]

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Disruptive Technology Chatbots Part 1

Chatbots distruptive technology

Disruptive technology chatbots: Disruptive technology, digital or physical, has been at the cornerstone of increasing productivity. Does this mean that by simply using new technology the productivity of the business will automatically increase? The answer is no, there are more steps that need to be consider to fully unleash potential of the new technology. The […]

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Chatbots in Guerrilla Marketing


Chatbots in Guerrilla Marketing Opportunities Does your business have a Facebook page? If so, how often do you receive private messages? How many followers do you have? How many times did you notice people inquire about a certain aspect or product of your business via the facebook messenger rather than using the email or giving […]

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Conversational vs Button Based Chatbots


When implementing a Chatbot for your company there are two major directions you can go. First is having a button based chatbot and the second is implementing a conversational-based chatbot. Which one should you choose? What are the pros and cons of each one of them? We at Marvin will try to give you a […]

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