July 15, 2017

Anytime Chat app Amazon

Anytime Chat app Amazon

Throughout the information that we have been posting on our blog and in the info news section of the website, we keep referring to how chat applications are becoming the top tier medium of consuming media. All our supposals are based on research and observation. How do you know a certain sector is booming? Simple, if the big industry players try to get on board. Recent rumors say that Amazon is looking to get into the Chat space, alongside more established players like Facebook, Snapchat, and Viber.

A new service called Anytime, a full-featured messaging app from Amazon, for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches, seems to be in the pipeline. It comes as no surprise that Amazon tries to get on board this train, especially when you consider the vast amount of “secondary services” from Amazon the users can interact with such as, music, food, shopping, etc.

Fake or Not

This information comes from AFTV NEWS, they received screenshots of a survey supposedly sent by Amazon. Fake or not, it is not a secret that Jeff Bezos is a visionary. To remind you in 1998 Amazon acquired a website called PlanetAll. This website was one of the first attempts of someone developing a social network, the great-great-great-father of Facebook. We will not discuss the reasons it did not become Facebook in this article, but what we will say is a quote from Jeff himself: “the most innovative use of the Internet I’ve seen… It’s simply a breakthrough in doing something as fundamental and important as staying in touch”.

Amazon Future Perspectives

Perhaps Amazon gives another attempt at social selling?  It’s well known that Amazon had ambiguous success with social selling. However what we see from great IT role-models, is the ability to learn from their failures. Did Amazon learn from its past? What does the future hold for Amazon’s chat app?

If Amazon is investing resources in this new chat app, it is a confirmation for us that more and more key players in the industry see “chat” as the third pillar of digital. And why wouldn’t Amazon do so? Chimi, Alexa, Echo … why wouldn’t Amazon launch a consumer messaging app?


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