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Chatbot developing for small and medium businesses.

Messaging is the new way to go!

In 2016 more than 1.6 billion people used messaging apps. As of now messaging apps surpass the social media use. In a fast-moving society, customers require information and answers fast! Recent studies show that more than 45% of the people would rather contact a businesses via messaging apps as opposed to emails.


Apps are becoming obsolete!

People are reluctant to install apps on their phones in order to interact with a business. Chatbots are the “New Kid On The Block”. When was the last time you installed an app solely for the purpose of interacting with a business? How many times a day do you use a messaging app? The answers are quite obvious.


Massive distribution channel!

What makes chatbots so appealing is the fact that they are already in a massive distribution channel: the messaging applications. The number of people using messaging applications is projected to grow to 2 billion people in 2018.


Chatbots benefits!

By integrating a chatbot in your small or medium business, you can provide your potential customers with instantaneous answers, support, help, information and, one chatbot can interact with more than 5000 customers at a time. A chatbot never gets tired, never gets frustrated and is available 24/7 for your customer.


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